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Coco Chocolatier - Chocolate with Style

June 12, 2018


Chocolate - Noun - A food in the form of a paste or solid block made from roasted and ground cacao seeds, typically sweetened and eaten as confectionery.


Coco Chocolatier (Facebook @CocoChocolatierUK Instagram @CocoChocolatier Twitter @CocoChocolateUK) have mastered the art of creating incredible, rich chocolate combined with subtle flavours, wrapped in beautiful, artistic papers which really adds to the experience and makes them look (almost) too good to unwrap…until you remember what’s inside!



They have workshops and experiences that would make a perfect Birthday, Christmas or just a general ‘because I love you’ gift for any chocoholic (Father's Day is fast approaching!)


Coco Chocolatier also offer a chocolate school based in their chocolate kitchen in Edinburgh where you can:

• Learn how to hand temper chocolate on marble

• Make moulded chocolates

• Make fruit filled & infused broken chocolate

• Make hand tempered chocolate shells and produce filled chocolates and caramels


They have well known retail partners around the world including; The National Gallery, Harvey Nichols, National Portrait Gallery and The Conran Shop.


Thanks to Luxuria Lifestyle (Facebook @LuxuriaLifestyle Twitter @LuxuriaLife Instagram @LuxuriaLifestyle) and Coco Chocolatier (Facebook @CocoChocolatierUK Instagram @CocoChocolatier Twitter @CocoChocolateUK) ) I was kindly gifted 6 delicious, stylish bars of luxury milk, white and dark chocolate which were full of sensational flavours! I don't usually tend to go for dark chocolate however Coco Chocolatier have converted me!



The Unique Flavours of Coco Chocolatier:

  • Artisan Roast Expresso – dark and rich in flavour with a hint of coffee, the perfect combination for any coffee/chocolate lover! (Gluten free and suitable for vegans)

  • Caramel, Hazelnuts & Isle of Skye Sea Salt – silky smooth, caramel flavoured, milk chocolate.  Pleasantly salty, this was my favourite out of all 6 (Gluten free)

  • Raspberry & Vanilla Bean – a pretty, pink, white bar of chocolate with a sweet burst of raspberry (Gluten free)

  • Hazelnut & Isle of Skye Sea Salt – richer taste than the caramel version (Gluten free)

  • Gin & Tonic – a strong, dark flavour, it tasted slightly of lime (Gluten free and suitable for vegans)

  • Earl Grey Tea & Bergamot - fragrant hint of tea and gentle citrus taste (I would be lying if I said I didn’t have to google what Bergamot is...what can I say, you learn something new every day! (Gluten free and suitable for vegans)

For a full list of unique flavours check out the Coco Chocolatier site here



The bars were packaged in a classy, cute sliding style box and they were wrapped in the most beautiful artistic paper!  You could tell that the paper was high quality which made me even more excited to taste the chocolate!  My favourite design was the Gin & Tonic, I loved the splash of colour, I also loved the floral design and the multi-coloured paper as it reminded me of Elmer the Elephant and brought back a flood of childhood memories!


They would make the perfect gift and come in a wide range of different options.


Thank you, Coco Chocolatier and Luxuria Lifestyle, for a heavenly chocolate experience!


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