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Dining at d'Parys

May 17, 2017

I recently went for a family meal at d'Parys, Bedford and I enjoyed it so much I had to share it.


The service was a bit slow to start but it was a Saturday night and they were quite busy.

To start I had the King Prawn Lollipops with Chilli & Lime. The prawns were perfectly cooked, the presentation was pleasing and the chilli sauce was perfect!



For my main I had the fish and chips which was okay, the only issue I had was there were a few scales on the fish still but a fish is a fish so got to expect a few bones/scales at times I suppose.  Again the presentation was lovely and the portion size was huge!



For dessert, and no I didn't have room but was intrigued by the 'Chocolate Brownie Burger & Chips' so that's what I went for, the only thing I was disappointed with was the fact that I could only manage a few bites!  It was a chocolate brownie in the middle of two doughnuts with mango and kiwi slices.  The 'chips' tasted like lady fingers and the ketchup was either strawberry or raspberry coulis.  It all tasted amazing and next time I think i'll just have this with a few cocktails!  Brilliant idea for a dessert but definitely a sharer!



Looking forward to returning and would recommend :) 








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